Good Friday

When I survey the wondrous Cross
By the Prince of Glory died
My richest gain I count but loss
And pour contempt on all my pride

See from his head, hands, feet
Sorrow and love flow mingled down
No such love and sorrow ever meet
Or thorns compose so rich a crown

Cross, O wonderful, wonderful Cross
Bids me come and die and I have found that truly live
Cross, O wonderful, wonderful Cross
All who gather here by grace draw near and bless your name

The whole realm of nature mine
And that the progress so far is very small
Love is very amazing, so divine
Demands my soul, my life, all my

Cross, O wonderful, wonderful Cross
Bids me come and die and I have found that truly live
Cross, O wonderful, wonderful Cross
All who gather here by grace draw near and bless your name.

Tcs Results

Announced that Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) on the Q4 results for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2011: India to reduce emissions (). Is scheduled TCS board meeting to be held today in the April 21, 2011. Can be verified by detailed information on the results of Q4 TCS TCS here at the site.

And directly on the Internet a video of a press conference TCS be available at 2.30 hours, the Iraqi Special Tribunal and sound directly on the Internet at 5 pm today on its official website.

To update the information on the results of the visit TCS 2011 at the following link from the site of Tata Consultancy Services:

Care Of Nails

Nails are the horn like envelop found at the dorsal side of terminal phalanges of fingers of toes and hands in humans. These not only beautify the appearance of fingers but also protects from external vigorous pressure at the terminals. Nails are made of a protein known as keratin.

Some times these features have to under go some abnormalities, get uneven. Discolored or not smooth and get brittle. In all these cases they have to be attended with care. It involve proper trimming. Filing and keep the cuticle away from the nail base. Some home treatment of nails is given below.

   1. First thing to be involved in their care is that they must be healthy with strong texture. So if they are soft then soak them in olive oil for 10 minutes daily.
   2. If these have any stain on it and can’t be removed then dip your nails in lemon juice for 10-15 minutes and after wash them with warm water.
   3. In order to remove the cuticle or to keep it away from nails use a cuticle file or push it in backward direction manually. Skip the chances of infection because cuticle is the protective layer from where the nail grows.
   4. If your nails get brittle day by day then in diet increase the amount of silica and vitamin B. in addition to this protein diet should be properly taken.
   5. If you use nail polish often then after two or three continuous applications give break. Because the nails oxygen should be cut off after nail polish application and their color is changed from pinkish to yellow or become dull.
   6. Not use dark colored nail polishes with out base coat because after removal these leave the color of pale yellow on the nail palate and ugly look when not to be polished. For nail polish remover use such agent which have less quantity of acetylene. This organic liquid makes the nails brittle when repeatedly applied.
   7. Avoid from nail biting because it will destroy the shape of nails and unpleasant feeling.
   8. If the clove of garlic is rubbed against nails continuously it will make the nails strong.


    * Nails of hand fingers grow more than toes.
    * A nail of long finger grows more then other fingers.
    * The growth rate of nails is such one eighth of an inch in a month.
    * If you are right handed its nail growth is more then other and similarly in case of left handed.
    * The growth rate is more in warm climate. Than colder. During pregnancy and after injury. The growth rate is more…

Women Dress Design

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The Final Countdown

After meetings with the President in the White House in the past two nights, and less than 16 hours left on the clock until the government shut down, and behind the scenes at the Capitol Thursday everyone wanted to ask the question is: "Do you think that the government will shut down?"

The man on the elevator, and women in the water cooler, in line at the restaurant for the sale of sandwiches and even tourists in the Capitol Visitor Center. Everybody wants to know whether the Government will close at 12:00 Saturday morning.

Throughout the day, he requested 'Jonathan Karl, and I died, some members of the Jaffee ranked higher than both the House and Senate, leading up to the rank of veteran and file members of both parties and neophytes tea party. It seemed a good guess as is the case in the next day.
"I would like to think that now it's too close to stop. I wish to avoid it," said House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer, ABC News Thursday afternoon. "We have come 70 percent of the road as originally presented. Now any party that went to 70 percent of the way has made a long step toward an agreement."

But to blame all the criticism and their customers to unleash on the opposition, but that the President of the House of Representatives John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to put together the final touches on the deal, which colleagues can pass them and the signature of President Obama can be that the juice before you run out of the federal government for the night Friday.

On Wednesday, in an exclusive interview, Boehner said Good Morning America, George Stephanopoulos that he did not want to see the government shut down. Boehner said he did not believe that Reid did not either.

"We're going to continue to conduct talks with our colleagues across the aisle, and I hope to be able to reach an agreement," said Boehner, a Republican from Ohio. "I've said this a thousand times since 1 this year. I do not want to shut down the government."

After a few hours, and Bonner and Reid at a meeting in the White House with Vice President Joe Biden and Obama, in an attempt to work out their differences.

And "fruitful" meeting that "narrowed the issues," followed, but not a deal. Each side promised to continue to negotiate throughout the night.

But after a meeting of non-productive employees without the two leaders, speaking on Reid on Thursday in the Senate floor, declaring that the negotiations had been deteriorating and he was not "nearly as optimistic" as it was when he left the White House the night before. There were numbers of them, but Reid said negotiators riders comment on policy - and one big: family planning funding.

"If this government to stop - and seems to be heading in this direction - it will be on the basis of my friends in the House of Representatives, and the leadership over there, with a focus on issues of ideology that are unrelated to the financing of this government and said," Reid, D-Nev. ,. "This is a sad day I think."

Although she was absent from the negotiations, which held the minority leader in the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, at 10:45 am press conference to reiterate 'opposition to the Republicans and Democrats in the House of Representatives the commercial register in the short term.

She asked whether the perception of Pelosi Democrats in the House of Representatives support the deal if abortion rider was not part of the equation.

"I appreciate that you said that this is what Senator Reid said. I do not know that this is the sum total of the policy that there are objections - in the political differences between those who are negotiating here," said Pelosi, D-California. "So far we have not seen anything that can be supported by Democrats in the House of Representatives, but we hope to reach the place where we can."

Conducted about 45 minutes later the Chairman of the House of Representatives John Boehner, the press this morning at the late conference so I asked him about the belief by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said negotiations deteriorating.

"We made some progress last night, or at least I think we did, but, as you know, when I see what the White House has to offer today, it's really more just the same, and we're going to cut real spending," said Boehner. "I do not know why some people do not understand about this subject."

"This is the first time that we were all in this environment," Bonner continued, "The first time we had a Republican majority to deal with this president, the first time we had a Republican majority in the Senate to deal with that." Boehner said. "There are certainly some time - it took us some time to get to know each other and work our way through this, because - we understand that this process which we are unlikely to be repeated several times this year. I think that everyone is taking their time, in an attempt to get this right. "

He concluded his press conference, Boehner and President Obama has already had the fencing duo return to the White House for a meeting the evening.

But before the meeting, the House of Representatives voted to pass another CR in the short term, which cuts $ 12 billion and funds the Pentagon until the end of the fiscal year.

Reed was already called the bill "is the author of" in the Senate and the bill is unlikely to come to the floor for a vote there. Obama also threatened to veto the bill.

Thursday night, and began the meeting after 08:00. President Obama went when I did, to the White House briefing room and announced that he had another productive meeting, and narrowing the issues, but no agreement is reached.

Boehner and Reid issued a joint statement in the 28 - word:

"We have narrowed these issues, however, have not yet reached agreement. We will continue to work through the night to try to resolve the remaining differences to us."

According to Assistant Republican leadership, the sticking points preventing a final agreement Boehner holding out for the greatest number of spending cuts and riders cling to policies, including family planning and a ban federal funding.

Early Friday morning, Assistant admitted that it is not consideration of outstanding issues on the policy and riders as far as numbers go, "everything above the $ 33 billion is to win."

Staff from all parties involved in the negotiations, met in the early hours of Friday morning and the difference is due to report to the President later this morning.

Long Island Serial Killer

Search for killer of Long Island serial and Gilbert Shannon expands today. New York investigators in the case of Long Island serial killer now focus in the region, Jones Beach State Park. April 4, and sent investigators to the Ocean Parkway, and today back to stop.

After the efforts of Captree State Park, Gilgo Beach and Cedar Beach continued to produce what is still new, he decided to Police Commissioner Richard Dormer to return to the Ocean Parkway on Monday.

So far, the death toll in the case of Long Island serial killer is eight. Almost all the victims of the killer and the small windows of prostitutes who offered their services through Craigslist. In most cases, investigators found the body of woman tossed in the brush almost knee high in the region. The bodies were of the view open, covered by seaweed model in the region.

But is there bodies in the pool? Dormer did not confirm to the local news if he was sending people, or devices to clean the pond of 40 acres within the State Park Jones Beach State.

After countless investigators suffered injuries to the skin of insects and brush, investigators will be assisted by aerial surveillance of the research efforts today.

Dennis Quaid

Dennis Quaid was thisclose to being a DUI to have emerged last night.

Philip in a restaurant in West Hollywood early this morning. Quaid, Kimberly walked with his wife and a friend outside a row where already brought their car.

They got the engine was running, and the leader got in behind the wheel.

I turned the wheel of the question of inches, but did not turn then to the drive at a local police officer pulled up to the actor and urged to call a taxi.

Dennis stated that he does not want to drive. The policeman said repeatedly, "Get out of the car." Replied the commander, "What do you want me to do?" Then grew some brain cells and asked if they could go back in the restaurant and the policeman said yes.

Quaids did not end up taking a cab home and returned to the car shortly before. Interestingly, it was possible to arrest him from a legal standpoint.

The car was behind the wheel, but a police officer used his discretion and decided not to proceed. Perhaps I should thank the photographers.

Members of the media gossip and celebrities attacking the scene joked with the commander, saying, "You do not want a DUI. You do not want to end up like Mel Gibson!"

Difficult to say with that.

Good to see Dennis make the right choice at the end of the day ... Even if this scene and took more than a little flattery. All's well that ends well, right?

Besides, even if it had been arrested and tossed in the drunk tank overnight, the Randy Quaid and Rekem still the black sheep of the family.

Fun Brain Game

Color Invasion is a game addiction in the brain. By changing the color, and will "rule" the Council with a single cell from the upper left corner, at the same time, your opponent will try to do the same thing from the bottom right corner. May the best strategist win!

You can play the game against the AI ​​or another human. It's easy and fun at first, but you have to think like the Grand Master to overcome the Amnesty International-level hard disk. The game has also the subject of color for players with color vision deficiency.

Yuri Gagarin

12 April 50 to mark the anniversary of the historic journey Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin in 108 minutes in space, which completed an orbit around the Earth is one, which led to the outbreak of the space race with the United States and become the international championship. Even so, Russia has felt it necessary to be released confidential documents to combat the rumors that was murdered by the Soviet rulers Gagarin, reports Reuters. Today, at Star City in Russia, the world's oldest space flight training center, still looks in some respects, such as Mazar Gagarin, who died in a plane crash just after seven years of his journey. A mural of Gagarin, space flight, which ended at the age of 27, and leads into a museum filled with artifacts such as space-clad, brown, orange, and gifts from dignitaries, a recreation of his office. One picture showed him the vehicle, burned from landing, and dumped in the field of Russian, where he served the famous milk and bread by a factor when landing. The conspiracy theories Gagarin was assassinated on the orders of Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev, but in the last week, the government declassified archives to show Gagarin may have lost control of his plane after the coup, to avoid the weather balloon.

Mark Ballas

Seen Villa Toscano and Mark Ballas out on a date Friday in Los Angeles in connection love that seems to be a combination of the girl next door dating and meeting someone at work - with a professional wrestler as matchmaker.
In recent weeks, has been Toscano, 22, and Ballas, 24, and working on neighboring stages, shooting "American Idol" and "Dancing with the stars," respectively, with the trailers that was compatible geographically.

According to the people, and the singer "had a crush" on a professional dancer.
Toscano, of course, was the voice of "American Idol" Thursday night, then said fierce got a record deal Friday, and ending the week with a big dinner in a restaurant in Century City Gulfstream. Palace is a partnership this season with Chelsea, after Ken doll Disney high-level session on the last time dancing with Bristol Palin.
If this is the "loss", it may be exaggerated win - in spite of hopes for the release of the rush album Biya has been frustrated by the reality of the contract binding "Idol" by the contestants, she said, "The Insider" on Monday that he there is no agreement has been signed. In the meantime, the album Palace "HurtLoveBox" (see him sing, above) drops Tuesday.

What is it with professional wrestlers and this season, "Idol" cast? James Durbin lost first his mind more than the appearance of Hulk Hogan on the show singing, and now thanks to Toscano gets on a date for Chris Jericho, which is competing for the "DWTS".
According to TMZ, a friend who knows Toscano Jericho passed along the phone number the singer in New York - and really, what self-respecting man will not ask for these numbers? Palace went above and beyond, however, re-schedule the shoot music videos to make history - and this seems like this will not only be a picnic.
Gotta smile when you crush it operates. Toscano says, "The Insider" that they are "just friends", but the Z-Alliance were hugging on Friday night. Is there any other country "Idol" - "DWTS" love connections that make sense?

Career Builder

One of the biggest challenges faced by many stay at home mom? It's not the day to day work necessary to raise the level of the family, and it's not fixed the car pools, cooking, cleaning, and it's making the transition from a large share of work to women.

Now, should first be pointed out that being my mother is pretty much the hardest job there. But when he started in an attempt to return to the 'work force' after years of taking to attend to their families, and there could be a very intimidating for many a woman and one that seems foreign incredibly changes diapers, and the time the story and meals resolution. But there are places out there to help. One is that many use a certificate generator, and the search for a job online company that has special resources only for mothers to work.

Career Builder have attractive options for those who want to get back in the swing of things. There is a special section for part-time workers, which are often a great solution for moms who want to ease back to the work force. In addition to the many can be done when the kids at school, so it will not take much of the life of your family. Even better? Have jobs to work at home section.

They also have information material about the advice to working moms, including a list of the most family-friendly companies such as Ernst & Young, and HSBC. You can not find your dream job on Career Builder, and perhaps you'll find on Craigslist or Monster, but knowing there is work there ... Well this is very encouraging, and even if you're not ready to leave the nest just yet.

Jenn Sterger On Brett Favre Scandal

Jen Sterger says GMA / during the interview (video): "I have not made a dime from anything in this whole situation. And not from the photos. Favre is not."

Jen Sterger Good Morning America GMA interview broadcast Tuesday and Wednesday to assess the state of the marine environment, as well as Tuesday night's "Nightline."

Sterger explains, "I never wanted to sue anyone. This was never an intention of mine. I'm not a gold digger. The only way I wanted to make my money all this time to be just a job."

Jen Sterger talks about an embarrassing situation because of the scandal, Brett Favre: "You know, I was trying to go to work. Do my job. But how are you supposed to report on the news when this story? Was tough. It was embarrassing. It was humiliating. All I wanted to do is go to work. do my job. That's all what I wanted. "

Sterger also explains that he was approached by someone who wants her phone number for Brett Favre: "We have approached one day at the beginning of games before the start of the season, by a man wearing a badge badge Gates employee, who asked me, 'How would you feel if asked Brett Favre to your phone number ? What do you say? "'

Sterger said she replied: "'I say I like my job is huge. And said I am looking remarkably like his wife.

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Ssc Online Application Form 2011

State Security Court on the online application registration forms 2011

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Isha Sharvani Zaheer Khan wedding soon

Like most Bollywood films, see also this story a happy ending. If the reports are to be believed, the cricketer Zahir Khan, who broke with his fiancée, Isha Sharvani of long-term, ready to be married soon, reports Mumbai Mirror.

After winning the World Cup, and parents want him to settle with apparent I'm naughty and dinner had failed to appear.

If all goes well, the couple will marry this year. "They came because they give their relationship second shot, closer, even before the wedding bells are in sight." : Source close to the couple told the newspaper Mumbai Mirror

Ups and downs of their love story

Q: The couple met at a ceremony in 2005 when the Australian team to leave India and dinner took place in this event. Keep after the bilateral meeting in the limbs, and eventually became a couple.

Below: They called and left him to stay in touch did't 2007. Do not relate this to another person in iterim.

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